Technology for Good, Data for Good!
Technology for Good, Data for Good! 

Past Year Events and Results

2019: CuberPatroit XI Competition (Platinum, Gold, Silver Winners) (21 students)


2018: Noetic Learning Math Competition National Team Winners


2018: ACSL Senior (ALL star third place) (10 students)


2018: MathCon (Winners in all Div) (61 students)


2018: ZeroRobotics (ISS Finalist) (12 students)


2017: ACSL Elementary (First Place) (18 students)


2017: CyberPatroit Competition (Regional Finalist) (10 students)


2017: MathCon (Elementary Second Place in Nation) (50 students)


2017: ACSL (All star Winner, third place Junior Div) (35 students)


2017: ZeroRobotics (ISS finalist) (15 students)


8/2016: CyberSecurity Training for Elementary School Students (50 students)


2016: CyberSecurity Competition (First Place in State, Regional Finalist) (12 students)


2016: Purple Comet Competition (MS First Place in Nation) (20 students)

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