What Mathletics Can Do
What Mathletics Can Do

Welcome to Mathletics!

Mathletics is a nonprofit organization located in Oregon. We build connections and provide mentorship to K-12 students who have a strong interest in math, finance, computer science, and technology through our message of "What Mathletics Can Do".  We also reach out industry professionals and entrepreneurs to inspire students to develop and hone their skills in these subjects through solving real-world problems.


The objectives of Mathletics are:

  •     To provide the means for youths to understand key concepts in the fields of math, finance, computer science and engineering (MFCSE);
  •     To encourage participation and cameraderie between youths in MFCSE disciplines, by presenting them in thought-provoking topics, activities, events, competitions and more;
  •     To provide opportunities and platforms for youth tutoring and instructive classes in MFCSE for K-12 students;
  •     To encourage every child to apply their MFCSE-related skills into solving real-world problems;
  •     To raise money and grant awards to youths in MFCSE-related training and further education;
  •     To build connections with industry professionals and entrepreneurs and inspire youths to work alongside them. 

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