Here's what our community has to say

"The Mathletics NASA ANGLeS Girls Team would like to thank you for organizing the fantastic camp last week! Without your organization and materials, we would not be able to gain valuable experiences and friendships."   

"One valuable lesson this camp had taught me was resiliency - the ability to face challenges and adapt to new conditions. Before I attended this camp, I had very little interest in engineering and computer programming. I barely had any patience to adjust and improve a design or program. I still couldn’t believe I could stay up until 12:00 AM, doing something I once considered tedious."

"Another valuable lesson I learned was collaboration - the ability to cooperate with others."

"We all appreciated the hardworking high schoolers who participated in the ANGLeS Challenge, especially Justin Bruss, Phillip, and Kevin Zhang. Although they participated in the challenge, they were always willing to help the younger and less experienced competitors. "


 I cannot express how much I appreciate you and your organization coming out and making this a wonderful event for our kids. They had so much fun with the programming and rock paper scissors. I also appreciate seeing children from different backgrounds coming together, learning from one another and having fun together. Thanks again and hopefully next year, we can do it again!



"Mathletics has a really great learning environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed. All the instructors are extremely helpful and patient and really helped me understand the material."

"My son really enjoyed his time at Mathletics. It was one of the only extracurricular activities he liked doing."


It was an honor for Mathletics to bring one of our introductory coding classes to the Sam Bruce Aviation Experience, held by the Black Pilots of America’s Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club. Especially since computer science isn't traditionally associated with aviation, we were overjoyed to see the students engaging in the programming just as much as the other activities.



"I really liked the courses at Mathletics. They were really interactive and had a fun atmosphere where I could learn cool things and have a good time."